X Anniversary Project

What have you done the night of October 3 th, 2015 ? A sleepless night maybe … We ! And attended a surprise birthday party :

Anniversary X !

The X Anniversary project forms part of the official works of the NUIT BLANCHE 2015 course in Paris.

The installation-Projection of “Anniversary x” is a play representing a birthday surprise, whereby the public is invited, only after the celebration, at the video projection of the event.
The project raises questions about the importance of rituals in human relations; the emergence of feelings and our connection to memory.

The current X Anniversary project is within the framework of the projects undertaken by the
FORMATOVA association.

The team :

  • Chief Project coordinator : Wieslawa NOWICKA,
  • Video Actors : Vincent and Ugo NERON, Michel GUENIFFET, Murielle and Mathis MARTINELLI, Laurence LARI, Shanti BOURSE,
  • Production and technical team : Wieslawa NOWICKA,
  • Screenplay : Guillaume KOUAO, Wieslawa NOWICKA,
  • Logistics : Wieslawa NOWICKA, Guillaume KOUAO, FORMATOVA Association,
  • Partners : FORMATOVA, Nuit Blanche Paris, Le 100 ecs.

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