Who we are

The association “Formatova” [FORM OF MEETING AND TRANSMISSION OF VISUAL ARTS] aims at promoting intercultural exchanges in more countries in Europe, concerning Visual Arts in public spaces, especially with video art and short films.

We carry out artistic actions in order to foster European intercultural exchanges:
Around cinematographic art and visual arts.

Because of covid we are waiting for a better future to be able to create projects that do not divide the spectators.

Mainly in the public spaces where the art and the artists emerge from confined spaces and invite themselves into everyday life, into the city.

The project is part of a process of cultural sharing and exchanges between countries. It proposes to respond to the need for synergies between the societies, the countries and the peoples that compose the cultural Europe. It is part of the policy related to the right of accessing the culture by everyone.

The first stage of this vast project is a concrete application of a performance exchange, simultaneously between France and Poland: the Intercultural Visual Form project. With this in mind, we are in constant search for contacts with video artists from both countries, the idea being to promote their creations in the sight of all – in public spaces, initially not dedicated to art.


Form of meeting and transmission of visual arts aims to :

  • Enable the meeting of the visual arts with the public, by investing the atypical spaces or close to their daily life, sometimes too much solicited by advertisers.
  • Enhance the visibility of new talents and the creation of a real network of European artists, working for the accessibility of art to the greatest number of people, within the framework of visual artistic projects
  • To promote the work of filmmakers, their creations and their talent, with a view to creating a genuine network of exchanges between European artists.

This network and the support of FORMATOVA will be a permanent activity; New ideas and the setting up of joint projects of films.

To prepare for this central event, in the early 2016, Formatova organized a first edition of the Intercultural Visual Form project (I.V.F). For its first edition, the I.V.F. was launched in the form of a competition of short films, lasting a month. It was addressed to all of the students in Ile-de-France region, who expressed the desire to share their creation.

The selected videos, lasting a maximum of five minutes, were screened for three days in various places related to the daily life of the students. The specificity of the competition was its theme: Interculturality. This notion refers to the union or blending of two different cultural identities within a content or an individual. It involves the moving towards to the new horizons and the discovery of otherness through culture.

The project has revealed young talents and has transmitted their artistic approach in an original way by opening the video art to a wider audience.


The FORMATOVA association, the FORm of Meeting and Transmission of Visual Arts, means in French: “form of urban encounters and transmissions through visual art”.

The project was born from the initiative of WN., following her various artistic and professional experiences in digital art and cinema. She felt the need to create another visual expression of video art and to renew the relationship that this art maintains with its place of exhibition. 

Within the project, therefore, there are three dimensions; The video, the place and the spectator, who interact, dialogue and communicate simultaneously, maintaining a bond of interdependence. WN, is oriented towards processes related to the artists and their gestures. She considers that in the video, these gestures are a way of spreading and positioning her work. “The realization never stops even when the editing is finished: it continues and transforms through the localization, the implantation and the transformation of a space, which is not at the beginning, dedicated to the projection or exhibition of art. It is therefore the visual, temporal and spatial context of the territory that will influence the subjectivity of the public’s view.”

The project has also in its essence, this intercultural dimension, directly linked to the double culture of WN. We understand then the artist’s desire to inscribe her art in reciprocity and to link it, in the first place, to her two original lands, European: France and Poland.

In the near future, the project could be offered to other European countries; The idea to expand to the international scene.

The team :

founding members –

Wieslawa NOWICKA – Président (Founder)

Guillaume KOUAO – Vice président (Co-founder)