Cine Open Bar


A la carte, weekend of June 29-30 2019, a Parisian event concocted by Formatova and its socio-cultural partners.

An assortment of dishes and desserts will be specially prepared for you movie lovers!!

Going along with these treats, will be a screenings of Cannes’ Cinéfondation’s film line-up. And finally, before and after the screening will be a networking oppurtunites with industry professionals, artists, directors and producers.

Whip up a good film: we are holding a workshop « 24h chrono – shoot your movie! », Working in teams, in 24 hours you will write, direct, shoot and edit a short film. Your films will then be screened and our jury will select the best amongst the best.   

Les Grands Voisins, a socio-cultural space in the heart of Paris, has welcomed projects and artists since 2015. It is an ephemeral space that allows for thousands of visitors to interact with artists and their work. Les Grand Voisins is also unique; it is an old Hospital complex that will transition to a modern apartment complex by 2023. This is however not gentrification, it is a redefinition. The Grands Voisins , started by the association “Aurore”, aims to create a universe where life collides rather than separates. The space fights against alienation, offering an avenue for expression and future urban projects. It is a space that welcomes asylum seekers, entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. As 2019 continues the Les Grand Voisin expands while its artistic space diminishes – yet we all have the opportunity to witness it before it flickers away. Le Grand Voisin is not yet finished, it continues to promote activities, meetings, original constructions and beautiful stories.

La Légende de l’événements / code couleur

Saturday 3pm > 5pm / La Pouponnière / Photo expo in presence of the artist
Suspended in space, Susann Carmen JAGODZINSKA 
35 mm Photographs France/Poland

Saturday 3pm > Sunday 4pm / 24H Chrono-shoot your movie! workshop 
24H.CHRONO-tourne ton film! is an intense and sleepless weekend for amateurs and professionals who share a common passion for cinema. Actors, filmmakers, editors, photographers, poets, students and retirees. The finished films will be screened in the “la Pouponniere” room. Sign up here!

Saturday > Sunday 3pm > 8pm / La Lingerie / IVF [Intercultural Visual Form] Screenings
In various spaces of the Grands Voisins, you will discover looped screenings of a selection of short films from our past three Intercultural Visual Form projects. Our artists manifest their interest in interculturality, and question relations between different cultures through artistic and audiovisual expression.

Vertige, Maya AVRON, IVF#3
Sèche, Sara TOUBOUL, IVF#3
Noir et Blanc, Xavier VANNIER, IVF#3
Le soleil est le Tungstène jeune, Gerald DEVOTTA, IVF#2
Terrence and the Peacock, Grégoire NEDELCOVICI, IVF#2
Night Drive, Oh NO!, IVF#2
Pieces of Mind, Emmanuelle SCHILLINGER, IVF#1
En extra :
Interview avec Grégoire NEDELCOVICI
Dying Light, Grégoire NEDELCOVICI
En ville – Elamel Quartet, Emmanuelle SCHILLINGER
Il était un mur, Anatole LEVILAIN-CLÉMENT

Saturday 5pm / La Pouponnière / Post Cannes Screenings 

Dots, Eryk LENARTOWICZ, 2018, Australia, 23’
Fragment de drame, Laura GARCIA, 2018, France, 24′
Cosi in terra, Pier Lorenzo PISANO, 2018, Italy, 13’
Sailor’s Delight, Louise AUBERTIN, Eloïse GIRARD, Marine MENEYROL, Jonas RITTER, Loucas RONGEART, et Amandine THOMOUX, 2018, France, 6’

Rosso: La Vera Storia Falsa Del Pescatore Clemente, Antonio MESSANA, 2019, France, 28’
Bamboe, Flo VAN DEUREN, 2019, Belgium, 19’
Mano a Mano, Louise COURVOISIER, 2019, France, 23’
Ahogy Eddig, Katalin MOLDOVAI, 2019, Hungary, 24’
Jeremiah, Kenya GILLESPIE, 2019, United States, 10’

Sunday 3pm > 5pm / La Pouponnière / Film screenings in presence of the directors
Dying Light by Grégoire NEDELCOVICI
Les Oiseaux Rêvent Aussi by Alice ROSENTHAL and Grégoire NEDELCOVICI

Sunday 5pm / La Pouponnière / Screening with live music
Bardo directed by Maxime LAURET music by Barthelemy at Security

Sunday 3:30pm > 5:30pm / La Lingerie / Writing Workshop 
A space dedicated to your imagination: with or without experience in screenwriting. Led by Oriane MONFORT (director of documentary films and experimental films) and Ana URBE (Director of fiction films and Filmmaker)

Sunday 4pm > 5:30pm / Cour Oratoire / Salon with Professionals
One on one meetings with professionals who work in various aspects of cinema production and the creation of intercultural prjects: Shanti BOURSE (Production director, animation films); Jean FALL: (Project creator surrounding African films; founder of Cinewax); Ralitsa ASSENOVA (Project creator for young European cinema); Aurélian MICHON: (In charge of training at  La Maison du Film)

Interview with Gerald Devotta…Organizer of the 24 Hour – Shoot your Film!_CINE OPEN BAR from FormatovaPLAY on Vimeo

Saint Vincent de Paul (old) Hospital
74, Avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75 014 Paris
SATURDAY and SUNDAY 15h-20h30
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